LED Billboards – Are LED Displays Cost Effective For The Advertising Company That Is Looking To Grow Their Business

Have you ever been to a sports stadium and seen the huge LED display that they have above the scoreboard. From a few hundred feet away that thing looks like a plasma screen TV. It is amazing and as you can imagine very expensive to put together a sign that looks like that. Sports stadiums spend millions of dollars to be able to show video to thousands of fans. They also know how to sell advertising on those screens which nets them a nice little profit.

LED Billboards

Have you ever thought about how profitable it could be to own your own LED billboards? These large and powerful signs attract customers to businesses like nothing else. Your customers would pay top dollar to have their images up on a huge full color screen. Unlike a normal billboard which takes manpower to recover and only allows for one customer at a time, LED billboards let you advertise up to ten different clients at a time and they are easy to program.

Can you use the email program on your computer? If you can, then you can program the screens on the high end LED billboards.  They are run by simple desktop computers. You never have to climb a pole or risk a worker’s life putting up images on tall billboards. You can change all your ads from your computer in your office.

LED Billboards1

Why would you go to the expense of buying and operating LED display boards on billboards? Well because studies have shown that people are out of their house much more than they used to be in years past. This means that they are being exposed more and more to outdoor advertising. When they see your signs they cannot fast forward through them. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, outdoor is the second fastest growing market segment for advertising. Beat only by the internet. What does Electronic displays are cost effective, they are green, and they are the most powerful way to advertise your clients. Consider these ideas when you are considering putting up a billboard.

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