Philips HD922026 Review

If you’re like most people you absolutely adore the taste of fried food. French fries, onion rings, chicken strips and a long list of deep fried delights make your mouth water just thinking about them. However, if you lean towards the more “health-conscious” side of nutrition you likely hold back on the amount of fried foods you eat for obvious reasons.

Both medical health professionals and designer jeans manufacturers will tell you that the extra fat and calories added to food with traditional deep frying is not the best thing for your arteries or waistline.

Philips HD922026 Review

So what’s a fried food lover to do?

  1. Never eat a delicious crispy fried morsel again and make your doctor and Calvin Klein happy?
  2. Kiss your all of your good nutritional sense goodbye and fall face first into a big pile of deep fried goodness right after you cancel your next checkup and burn your favorite pair of skinny jeans?

The right answer is – Neither!

Enter the Philips digital AirFryer. This innovative device is for many consumers the answer that let’s them have their fried food and eat it too.

With the Philips HD922026 you can enjoy all of your favorite deep fried foods using a fraction of the oil you’d normally have to use to get delicious results.



Philips HD922026 Air Fryer

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to cooking is whether or not you have enough food to go around. If you are thinking about buying the Philips HD922026 AirFryer this is an important factor for you to consider.

The basket on the fryer is designed to hold up to a maximum of 1.8 pounds of food. That means that no matter what you’re preparing there’s not going to be an awful lot of it share.

What this means is that if you have a large family or want to use your fryer for backyard barbecues with 30 of your closest friends, you’re going to run into one or both of the following problems.

  1. You’ll be very busy refilling the fryer basket every 15 or so minutes for a few hours.
  2. You’ll have a lot of hungry people waiting a long time to get fed.

Not a great situation to be in either way you take it.

If you live alone or only need to prepare a meal for two, this fryer is a good choice. However if you’re going for high capacity cooking, I do not suggest this machine.

What makes this fryer really attractive is the fact that you don’t have to use a lot of oil to fry your food!

To prepare an entire 1.8 pounds of food in the Philips HD922026 AirFryer you’ll only need up to one tablespoon of oil. That’s powerful and waist-friendly stuff. If you’re serious about enjoying your fried food and staying as healthy as possible this is a benefit you should not overlook.

Temperature Control

The Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer is an electric fryer that boasts a powerful 1450 watts. The biggest benefit of having this much power is that your food cooks very quickly and thoroughly, which helps to really crisp up whatever you’re making.

The fryer’s built-in timer goes up to a maximum of 30 minutes so that’s the longest you can expect to wait for your dish to be ready once you start cooking. The one-minute increments of the timer means you get very precise results on your low-fat fried fried foods.

The temperature controls on the Philips HD922026 go from 0 to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. You can easily control the cooking temperature and time with the prominent and easy to read dials that adjust the thermostat and timer.

Ease Of Use

Using the Philips HD922026 AirFryer is as uncomplicated as it gets.

  • The fryer comes with a built in basket that slides in and out like a drawer. This is where you place your food along with a small amount of oil before turning the machine on.
  • After that, you simply set the timer and wait for your food to finish cooking.
  • There’s no oil to drain or store like with traditional deep frying so cleanup is much faster and easier.
  • The parts of the fryer that come into contact with food are dishwasher safe for added convenience.


The Philips HD922026 AirFryer was primarily designed for use inside the home, however its compact profile, convenience and safety makes it perfect to use in recreational vehicles or on house boats. Once you have access to a power source you’re good to go.

Safety Features Of The Philips HD922026

A major concern for most people looking for a quality fryer is how safe it is to use in and around their home. Fires ignited while deep frying are one of the leading causes of all household fires so it pays to be careful.

With the Philips HD922026 AirFryer you can fry without fear because every aspect of the machine is designed with built-in safety features. Along with using less than a tablespoon of oil, the AirFryer features a cool-touch exterior and handle that eliminates the chances of injury during contact.

The fryer is mounted on non-slip feet that prevents it from moving around on your counter top. The Philips HD922026 also has an automatic shut off feature that turns the machine off once the fry time is complete, which prevents overcooking and increases overall safety.


The Philips HD922026 AirFryer has the following dimensions:

  • Height: 15.4 inches
  • Length: 15.4 inches
  • Width: 14.9 inches
  • Weight: 16 pounds

The unique rounded shape of the fryer and compact profile make it easy to use in even smaller kitchens with minimal counter-top space.

Storage is also simple and the machine easily fits in most kitchen storage closets or shelves. The unique appearance of this fryer may just make you want to leave it out on display.

Unique Features Of The Philips HD922026

  • Rapid Air Technology – This patented and highly innovative feature is what makes the Philips HD922026 special. It circulates hot air around your food and keeps the heat evenly distributed. This is what allows for crispy on the outside and tender on the inside frying results with under a tablespoon of oil used.
  • Timer – There is a built-in timer that goes up to 30 minutes cook time that lets you know when the fryer is ready to use and that shuts off automatically once cook time is complete.
  • Available Colors – The AirFryer is available in basic black and silver or white and silver to compliment any kitchen decor. Note: The black option costs marginally less than the white.
  • Plastic construction – The machine has a plastic enclosure and parts that make the fryer lightweight but well-built.


Along with the basic machine, the fryer comes with a recipe book that contains 25 ideas for low-fat fried options you can prepare in minutes.

There are accessories available for the Philips HD922026 that transforms it from a simple fryer into a grill or roaster and also allows you to bake certain items. These include the AirFryer Grill Pan Accessory, the Double Layer Rack with Skewers and the Airfryer Baking Pan, which you can purchase separately.

Consumers Philips HD922026 Review

I like to look at what real users are saying about every product I review to get a better understanding of the pluses and minuses of each one. When it comes to the Philips HD922026, its users are very vocal about aspects of the machine they enjoy and those they don’t care for.

I looked through over 200 reviews and the overall consensus is that the AirFryer does exactly what it claims to do, which is deep fry foods with minimal oil, and that it does this very well.

The fryer gets high points for how well it duplicates certain fried foods and makes them just as tasty and crispy as their counterparts deep fried in several cups of oil. This makes users feel like they’re eating much healthier without completely giving up their love of fried food.

With that said, this fryer falls short in the fact that there are certain foods that you simply must deep fry in oil for them to cook properly. For those types of foods, this fryer is not the best option.

Overall Rating : 4.2 out of 5


  • Fries a wide variety of foods that mimic the results you get with traditional deep frying.
  • Your fried food is healthier with this fryer because of the small amount of oil you have to use with the machine.
  • The Philips HD922026 AirFryer is extremely lightweight and portable so you can use it anywhere you have access to an outlet.
  • There are no safety concerns to worry about with the fryer because it doesn’t use enough oil to be considered dangerous.
  • The completely enclosed fryer design prevents food odors from escaping into the air during frying.


  • The design of the fryer rack (grooves that activate the Rapid Air Technology) makes cleaning the basket a bit challenging for some users.
  • Not the right fryer for foods that have to be submerged in oil to get the best frying results.
  • Can’t fry a lot of food at once, so a poor choice if you need to prepare large batches of fried foods.
  • The available accessories are not included with the machine.


The Philips HD922026 is a high-quality product that let’s you enjoy your deep fried favorites without all the extra oil. I’ve seen the best price for this fryer listed at The discount along with free shipping right to your door makes this buy a really sweet deal.

Buying Your Upright Vacuum Cleaners Online

Using a vacuum cleaner can sometimes be strenuous and not much fun at all. There are many models out there which stick to the traditional types which are heavy and not easily transportable. Thankfully the guys at Hoover and Eureka have been taking note and have produced some of the best upright Vacuum Cleaners you can buy.

Upright vacuums are simply those that are made in a way which they sit upright vertically and sometimes allow you to easily wheel around without bending over or carrying anything on your back.

Whether or not you need a personal one to use around or home, or you’re looking for industrial and commercial upright Vacuum Cleaners, both Hoover and Euerka have a large range of models to choose from.

Buying Your Upright Vacuum Cleaners Online

Certain features you’ll find with most of them include:

Lightweight structures
Direct airflow technology

These days modern vacuums are a lot smarter than ever before. You may find “check bag” indicators which tells you when the dust bag is full as well as easy reach buttons and self sealing bags.

As far as colors and styles go, there are many to choose from. Manufacturers are smart and know the majority of vacuum users are still women. In general the female kind focus their purchasing decisions a lot more on the style of a product than males do. So if you’re a female especially, you’ll love the large range of colors and styles on the market. From bright pinks and oranges to more traditional ones like white and black, your tastes will be found in a vacuum cleaner too!

Another issue you’ll need to consider is storage and size! There’s no use buying one for sale that you bring home and can’t even store away. It’s definitely a smart thing to have a quick think about the size you’ll need, whether it can contracted after use and which area you’ll keep it in. This will save you loads of time and unnecessary stress as the whole point of buying a new modern vacuum is to remove the mess and stress of your life!

All in all, upright vacuum cleaners are one of the more comfortable and easy to use kinds you will come across. If you need some the best place to buy them is online as the range is much bigger than any street store you will enter. Not only that, price is also a factor where you’ll actually save a good deal of money on sales found online. Visit: