Easy Tips To Use Dog Clippers

Frequent trips to a groomer can be a drain on your wallet, especially if your dog requires regular haircuts. You can save money by purchasing your own dog clippers and giving a trim at home. For a basic haircut, you can easily do it yourself.

Finding the right set of dog clippers is fairly easy, and a simple online browse or trip to the pet store will find you what you need. Choose a set that has several different guards for the dog clipper blade, as this will help you trim the hair to the desired length. Other helpful items to have on hand are a leash, scissors, and a sturdy table on which your dog can stand and is of a comfortable height for you to work. Spread out a sheet or towels to catch the hair, or work in an area that can be easily swept up when you are finished.

If your dog is familiar with going to the groomer, you should have no issues at home. However, if you have to drag your terrified pet through the door for a trim, it will probably be much the same at home, and this can make it difficult for even an expert to perform a cut!

Get started by securing your dog to the table with a leash. Using a non-skid mat on the table or counter can help prevent your pet from slipping and makes them feel more secure. Don’t start without securing your pet, unless they’re very cooperative.

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As you work, you may encounter mats. These areas where the dog’s fur has become tangled and knotted. Ensure that you take your time when removing mats, as the skin underneath can be sensitive, and it can be painful for your pet if you apply too much pressure or force the clippers through the mat.

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Once you have trimmed the fur from the body, you can do the legs and paw areas. Some dogs are very sensitive about having the fur on and between their toes trimmed, but if you are patient and gentle, you may be able to do it without upsetting your dog too much. By bending the dogs leg so that the paw you are working on is facing the ceiling is the easiest approach. Using scissors in this area may seem easier, but there is a risk of accidentally cutting your dogs skin. You can read a dog clippers review to find the best clippers for your dog too. 

Giving your dog a small break, a treat, and a trip outside at this point is always a good idea. It can give the clippers a chance to cool before you begin working on the face and neck. These areas can be tricky to clip, and most dogs do not like it! Again, patience is the key to doing a proper job.

To do the neck, hold your dog gently around the snout and lift his head. Continue to trim the neck and face. Be careful when trimming around the eye and ear areas, and ensure the trimmer blade is not hot.

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Once you have trimmed your pet’s fur at home a few times, you and your dog will become comfortable with the process. It need not be a difficult task providing your dog is cooperative, and you use patience.

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