Nikon D3300 Refurbished Bundle Review

Photography is one of the hobbies that is not only expensive but also gets even more expensive as your profession advances. Sometime back, Nikon d3300 was retailing at $645, but thanks to refurbished items, the Nikon D3300 refurbished is just under $350. A product categorized as refurbished simply means it is no longer considered “new” most probably due to one of these three things: it had damaged packaging, a manufacturer defect or it was a demo item. The product is then re-inspected and repaired before being returned to the store as refurbished items. Before we proceed further, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of buying refurbished cameras online.

Nikon D3300 Refurbished Basics

Nikon D3300 refurbished

Most Nikon D3300 refurbished DSLR cameras actually have limited warranty, which is quite awesome. Nikon offers a 90-days warranty on their refurbished cameras. The cameras also come with a basic starter kit which you might need to review the finer details first before check out. Another obvious reason is the massive cut off from the original MSRP(which is usually 20-30% higher). Having such good discounts on the retail price is enough to get your attention and start shopping around.

Consider Buying the Nikon D3300 Bundle

Nikon D3300 bundle deals

Another alternative to buying a refurbished if your goal is to get the best value is to consider the Nikon D3300 bundle deals available online. The main issue when it comes to refurbished DSLR cameras is that you can’t feel the camera itself. Funny enough, everything is based on the looks of the pictures posted on online ads. Going down further, you are only able to see the generic photos posted on the page. Not all stores will have generics on the display page, some might even post videos or very detailed photos that help in the decision-making process.

So, Should I buy the Nikon D3300 Refurbished?

The only thing you need to be aware of is the shutter count of DSLR cameras. It’s like reviewing a used car’s mileage. The lower, the better. An average refurbished Nikon DSLR camera can last up to 100k shutter counts. With that in mind, you can make long term decisions while shopping for Nikon D3300. In photography, starting out can get damn expensive! Buying refurbished items is one way to reduce your starting capital. It is always worth trying.

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Best tips for buying the Nikon D3400 bundle and lenses

The Nikon D3400 is a new Nikon camera that lighter than its predecessor. It has an APS-C CMOS and is a 24.2(MP) megapixel camera. This will ensure that while using this camera you will be able to capture amazing photos. It has a 3.0-inch screen at the back too with 921,000 dots which allows for clear and easy navigation within the camera. You can be able to scroll through the camera and set the precise setting for different shots to get amazing pictures.

Nikon D3400 Video Features

The Nikon D3400 has a 1080p video capture which makes video recording very crisp and clear. The quality of photos and videos from the Nikon D3400 is of premium quality and will always meet and surpass your expectations.

The Nikon D3400 camera has 3D Nikon tracking technology which ensures you can tag the location of a photo from any location. The camera also allows for autofocus in live view while you are recording videos. The Nikon D 3400 camera has a reasonable sensitivity range of ISO 100-25,600 which is a great expansion of the sensitivity range of its predecessor which had an ISO 12,800 range.

Nikon D3400 Bundle Deals

nikon d3400 bundle

The Nikon D 3400 bundle comes with a USA manufactures’ warranty from an authorized Nikon dealer. It has a 24.2MP DX-CMOS image sensor with a side 100-2500 ISO Sensitivity. It comes with the Nikon D 3400 24.2 MP DSLR camera with 18-55mm and 70-300mm lenses which are black in color. It has a 55mm 2.2x Telephoto lens coupled with a 55mm 0.43x wide angle lens. The focus is the FC-3000 digital slave flash. Some of the best Nikon D3400 bundle deals include all these accessories at a rather cheaper price than if they were bought separately. The camera has a universal wireless shutter release with a Sony 32 GB SD card to accommodate all the photos you might want to take. It has a focus replacement Lithium-Ion battery pack with a charger. It has an additional focus DSLR camera accessories bundle which is a full and powerful bundle to increase your camera and picture quality.

Which lens is best for the Nikon D3400

Finding the right lens for any interchangeable camera can be overwhelming. Luckily you can read about the best lenses for Nikon D3400 and have a good idea on which lens with suits your needs. The standard lens for the Nikon D3400 is an 18-55mm zoom lens. This Nikon lens comes with pretty much all their entry level DSLR cameras.

Aside from having the right lens for the job, you should make sure you know how to use your camera. Watch the tutorial below to learn a few tips on using the Nikon D3400 DSLR.

Canon 6D Bundle and Lens Buying Tips

The Canon 6D bundle is the lightest and smallest DSLR camera from Canon that has full frame sensor format. The benefits of this camera on image quality is big with the 6D’s footprint remaining small, and so a great impact on your wallet.

Specifications and features

Built-in GPS and Wi-FiSilent shutter modeiFCL 63 zone metering system20.2 MP CMOS full frame sensorSingle SD card slot4.5 fps continuous shootingInterchangeable screens with 97% viewfinder coverage100-25600 ISO standard with 50-102800 expansionDIGIC 5+ image processorSingle axis electronic level11 point AF system1080p30 recording.


The Canon 6D bundle has outstanding image quality on par to more expensive DSLRs with full frame. It also has superior HD video shooting chops, with built-in geotagging and GPS, built-in Wi-Fi with sharing features and remote control, and it is a responsive all-around performer.


It has not external headphone jack

Bottom line

For most people who do not need a second slot for memory card and backup, the Canon 6D bundle is a great alternative for the world’s best, 5D Mark III, and it even improves on the already best in the world when it comes to DSLR ergonomics in one way or another.

canon 6d lenses

The greater thing about this new full frame DLSR camera, when compared to 5D Mark III, is its zoom and play buttons, which you can do without a need to hit them through your shooting thumb. Also, the Canon 6D lenses allow beginner and professional photographer capture the best picture possible. They are not anymore on the wrong side, which would need a help from a second hand, all the more benefits with its added Wi-Fi and GPS, which cannot be found on 5D Mark III.

All in all, the Canon 6D bundle has been squeezing many good kinds of stuff to correct and fill what 5D Mark III and other full frame DSLR cameras lack at. It is indeed a competent, well built, and professional grade full frame DSLR that delivers excellent image quality that a price that you will love.


A budget friendly deal for the Canon T5i bundle

The Canon t5i is a limited time budget friendly deal that will fulfill all your camera and camera accessories need and that too with customized products needed by you.You are a professional photographer or just a photographer by hobby this just the product you needed when shopping for your first camera ever or just shopping for some missing accessories. This is the best product in its class if you looking for a high definition camera will all the latest features possible then this is the dream product for you.

The canon rebel t5i bundle is not just a camera kit with all variety of lenses but it consists full kit along with some additional accessories like filters, cleaner, camera stand and much more and all in your budget and collectively made available just for you.The best part of this deal is that the bundle costs comparatively less than the regular bundle kit.And you can customize the bundle according to the products you need you just don’t need to buy the whole bundle instead you can select the specific accessories just required by you hence, this deal is quite flexible also.

The major features of this bundle are a digital camera with zoom lens. The camera is just a beauty with the vari-angle touchscreen with very clear LCD display (approximately 1,040,000 dots) with a smudge-resistant coating with multi-touch operations. With very clear shooting capability in bright as weel as dim light and that too with high performance.This is the unbeatable product in all aspects by performance or in price also.If you are looking for a camera bundle than your search ends here as this is just the product needed by you.

So, this is an impressive and very pocket-friendly deal for a limited time hence, just don’t miss this bumper offer just book now and avail your product in just a few clicks on our site. Learn more about the latest Canon t5i deals here.