Canon 6D Bundle and Lens Buying Tips

The Canon 6D bundle is the lightest and smallest DSLR camera from Canon that has full frame sensor format. The benefits of this camera on image quality is big with the 6D’s footprint remaining small, and so a great impact on your wallet.

Specifications and features

Built-in GPS and Wi-FiSilent shutter modeiFCL 63 zone metering system20.2 MP CMOS full frame sensorSingle SD card slot4.5 fps continuous shootingInterchangeable screens with 97% viewfinder coverage100-25600 ISO standard with 50-102800 expansionDIGIC 5+ image processorSingle axis electronic level11 point AF system1080p30 recording.


The Canon 6D bundle has outstanding image quality on par to more expensive DSLRs with full frame. It also has superior HD video shooting chops, with built-in geotagging and GPS, built-in Wi-Fi with sharing features and remote control, and it is a responsive all-around performer.


It has not external headphone jack

Bottom line

For most people who do not need a second slot for memory card and backup, the Canon 6D bundle is a great alternative for the world’s best, 5D Mark III, and it even improves on the already best in the world when it comes to DSLR ergonomics in one way or another.

canon 6d lenses

The greater thing about this new full frame DLSR camera, when compared to 5D Mark III, is its zoom and play buttons, which you can do without a need to hit them through your shooting thumb. Also, the Canon 6D lenses allow beginner and professional photographer capture the best picture possible. They are not anymore on the wrong side, which would need a help from a second hand, all the more benefits with its added Wi-Fi and GPS, which cannot be found on 5D Mark III.

All in all, the Canon 6D bundle has been squeezing many good kinds of stuff to correct and fill what 5D Mark III and other full frame DSLR cameras lack at. It is indeed a competent, well built, and professional grade full frame DSLR that delivers excellent image quality that a price that you will love.